Venture Quest

Venture Quest 10.1

Investment-One Vencap is delighted to launch its second edition of Venture Quest; Edition 10.1. Venture Quest is our flagship call for investment proposals from entrepreneurs seeking financing for their early and mid-stage companies.

Companies proffering viable technology-enabled solutions/products are hereby encouraged to send in their pitch decks and other information.

This exercise is not constrained to any specific sector or geography, and all prospective entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply.

The ideal candidate will be a company that has been in existence for a minimum of one year, with a product or service that has scaled the ‘proof of concept’ stage and has an experienced/strong Management Team. However, candidates who do not meet these requirements can still apply.

The call for proposals is officially open from April 30 to May 31, 2021.

All applications should be sent to using the template below.